New Updates at

New Updates at

We have added some new features to that we think you'll be excited about!  As always, our CMS is here to provide a FREE management system to any field adjuster.  We hope that you enjoy these new updates! 

Action Buttons 

The new actions buttons allow the adjuster to quickly call, text, email or route their claim from the Map page on their mobile device.  The "Directions" button will route your location to the loss location inside the Google Maps app on your desktop or mobile device.  Login to CMS here.

New Notes 

The new notes allows the adjuster to add multi-line notes that are organized in descending order.   

XactAnalysis Access 

The new XA tab allows the adjuster to access the claim in XactAnalysis without having to leave  Please note step 1 (Login to XA) and step 2 (Refresh). 

I finally have a tool that helps me stay organized which results in a better quality of life.  I'm loving! 

by John Davis - Independent Adjuster

New Docs

We have created a new Doc and Forum to allow the adjuster to gain access to helpful articles, videos, and support about our CMS and Caption Builder.   Just click the help icon within our CMS.  

New Community & Forum

Our new community and forum allows the adjuster to gain access to information and support from our support team and other adjusters.  

 We are excited about these new changes and there are many more to come!  Please reach out to our support team for any help or questions in getting started.

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Guest - Michael on Wednesday, 22 May 2019 10:53

Love the new updates! Keep up the good work

Love the new updates! Keep up the good work :D
Garrett Luttman on Wednesday, 22 May 2019 10:55

Thanks Michael!

Thanks Michael!
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August 17, 2019